Sunday, September 18, 2011

My life in cell phone pictures!

Let me start by saying that I was never a cell phone enthusiast. I had the same little cell phone for probably ten years, it was a very basic piece, all I could do with it was call people... and it spent most days buried at the bottom of my oversized purse, uncharged.

Then a major milestone happened. Erina was going to Middle School... and many years ago, I promised that she would get a cell phone for that occasion (mostly a selfish act, since I feel safer knowing that she can get in touch with me anytime). I figured it would be time for me to get a "good" one too. So we got i-phones. And the thing is now glued to me day and night. I still don't call anybody besides my own kid, but I totally enjoy browsing Facebook and Pinterest while on the go... and the best part is the camera. I've taken countless movies and pictures over the last month. I figured could give you a glimpse into my life through them.

Upstairs remodel project. Carpets are being replaced by hardwood. Walls are getting painted. Kids are getting separate rooms. New furniture is getting assembled. It's slow going, since Brian is doing all the work, but we'll hopefully have it all done by Christmas, lol.

Grace's room during the floor install.

Floor done!

Loft bed & desk assembled (boy, was that a challenge!!!)

My cute Claire Bear... how I love her. She's my constant companion and never fusses when I want to take a picture.

Morning walks with Claire & Erina. Love them, gives us a chance to chat alone. Sometimes (like when I'm still in my pajama bottoms, lol) we just sit in the car together and people watch. Oh, and all this time in the morning is due to different drop-off times for the girls and not enough time in between to go home.

Girls are still riding once a week. Still loving every minute of it.

And this is today's garage sale find... a vintage bike for $10!! I first saw it this morning while walking Claire, then went back with the girls to look at it up close... but walked away (telling myself that I don't have room for an old bike, that I don't NEED an old bike). But then I sat at home, imagining all the cool pictures I could take with this vintage bike as a prop. So I went back again and drove it home.

That's all for today! Enjoy your Sunday =).

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