Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to School 2011

Summer break has come and gone... truly time flies these days!!! We spent five weeks with my parents in Switzerland (I hope I will actually get time to edit those pics somewhen soooooooooon).

Erina started Middle School this year, I don't like to call it Junior High... that sounds too much like High School, lol. We're four weeks into the school year already and Erina seems to love her new school. Big sigh of relief, she adapts so much better to new situations than me. Thankfully she has a group of friends from Elementary School that she can hang out with during lunch time. There's nothing scarier than not knowing where to sit during lunch (again, this is more my fear than hers ;-).

This was her first day of school attire. She figured she should let people know that she's nerdy and proud of it!!! Worn with skinny jeans, of course. Don't know how this kid lived before skinny jeans, lol.

Grace started 5th Grade!!! You read that right, 5th Grade. Ugh. Thankfully she had an easy start, since she already knew her wonderful teacher. Her best school buddy went off to Middle School as well, but she adjusted well and found some new friends already. She was always my more timid child, but she's become more outgoing and independent over the last year.

Grace's first day of school outfit, she went for a modern cowgirl look. Skirt is from Matilda Jane, tank from Justice, jeans vest from H&M.

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