Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matilda Jane "House of Clouds 3" Fashion Show

I haven't posted a Grace fashion show in AGES!! I have several reasons if you care to know, lol. 1. I was blog slacking in a big way, 2. Grace will try on her new clothes right before bed time and I don't like flash photography ;-), 3. I feel like every single picture I take needs a "pretty" background and not my backyard.

But since this is my personal blog, I can post less than perfect pictures, right?

So here we go, all this goodness is from
Matilda Jane Clothing.

Misty Dress, size 8 (G is 9 and about 50 inches tall for sizing reference)
It's a bit short alone, but I can see this being worn over a bathing suit all summer.

And here it is paired with some platinum ruffles in size 10. Since the pocket on the dress is white with teal polka dots, I felt the need for white in the ruffles.... I'm weird, I know.

She's grooving =).

With our Max boy

Next up is the oh, so desirable Maggie Dress in size 8, paired with the Seaside Straightees in size 10. I'm not sure how I feel about straightees under dresses... I much prefer ruffles or leggings.

And a little self advertising at the end... I'm holding some Mini Spring Sessions in Vacaville, check out the details on my
photography blog =).

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