Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matilda Jane "House of Clouds 3" Fashion Show

I haven't posted a Grace fashion show in AGES!! I have several reasons if you care to know, lol. 1. I was blog slacking in a big way, 2. Grace will try on her new clothes right before bed time and I don't like flash photography ;-), 3. I feel like every single picture I take needs a "pretty" background and not my backyard.

But since this is my personal blog, I can post less than perfect pictures, right?

So here we go, all this goodness is from
Matilda Jane Clothing.

Misty Dress, size 8 (G is 9 and about 50 inches tall for sizing reference)
It's a bit short alone, but I can see this being worn over a bathing suit all summer.

And here it is paired with some platinum ruffles in size 10. Since the pocket on the dress is white with teal polka dots, I felt the need for white in the ruffles.... I'm weird, I know.

She's grooving =).

With our Max boy

Next up is the oh, so desirable Maggie Dress in size 8, paired with the Seaside Straightees in size 10. I'm not sure how I feel about straightees under dresses... I much prefer ruffles or leggings.

And a little self advertising at the end... I'm holding some Mini Spring Sessions in Vacaville, check out the details on my
photography blog =).

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today after school, I was busy chitter-chattering on the phone while the girls did their homework. By the time I was done, they were already playing outside. With my new found blog giddiness, I dashed upstairs to grab my camera. In the back of my mind I was thinking "Oh, Grace is wearing a cute outfit combo that I haven't taken pics of, yay!"

Then I came outside to see this.

Yep, that's my daughter in a flimsy undershirt and darling Matilda Jane leggings. She was too hot and ditched her dress (which was a dark grey lap dress from Loves Me Not that matches the cute little taxis on the leggings).

I was about to huff and puff... but then I looked at the pure happiness on her face. And I kept taking pictures. Who cares if she's in an undershirt?? Who cares that it's really not that warm outside?? She was having a blast and I let her be.

Have you noticed the fun makeover they gave their scooters?

That was another fabulous idea by Grace.

If you can't own your very own horse, you just have to make one!! And I love that Erina was right on board. She's acting so grown-up lately, it's refreshing to see her play like a kid =).

She's nuts.

Totally flying on that scooter... sorry, I mean... horse. And she's also not wearing a helmet. Boy, this puts me on the bad mommy list!!

I do however take cute pictures of her little bum, she'll thank me for those later in life ;-). Can you see the misty rain falling?

That's when I had enough of being the "let it go" mom and told her to put a jacket on.

Thank goodness she didn't protest. Love this spunky monkey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting back in the saddle...

... of blogging, that is. I realized that I will never catch up with all the posts I had planned in my head. I still feel bad that my Erina never got an 11th birthday post =(. Instead of catching up, I'll just start today and hope to be better in the future. Nobody should dwell over the past anyways, right?

The biggest news is that the girls started horseback riding lessons last month =). Grace had been asking for years... I kept talking her out of it for two reasons, one: it's expensive, two: it's dangerous. All the wrong reasons, I know. Then things just fell into place, like it was meant to be. Brian has a co-worker who owns horses, he asked him if he had any recommendations for riding lessons... and so we found Rusty Milliken Training in Vacaville.

We showed up that first Sunday, thinking we would just watch a lesson. But nope, before we knew it, Rusty had both girls brushing a horse.

They even had to clean out the hoofs!! Yes, I about had a heart attack and envisioned crushed toes (I think I need a serious chill pill).

To come to the point. The girls fell in love. I already knew Grace would love it, but was pleasantly surprised by Erina. She's my cautious, careful child. She worries about getting hurt or not being perfect. She can spend hours reading or drawing. Doing safe things, not taking unnecessary risks. AND THEN SHE RODE A HORSE. Just like that.

Here's some pics from last weeks lesson (I didn't bring the camera today and I'm kicking myself for it... they actually had to fetch their horse Sassy from the pasture, then got to ride bareback to the barn... talk about a perfect photo op):

And my "getting back in the saddle" title wasn't just for me... it was also for Erina. Today, while dismounting, she leaned forward too much and somersaulted right off the horse. OUCH! She got the wind knocked out of her but was fine. And while her legs were still shaky, Rusty lifted her right back in the saddle. One of the first things she said to me afterwards was "Rusty must be very strong, he lifted me up like I weigh nothing!!!"

I'm proud of my big girl =). Of course I'm proud of my little girl as well ;-).