Sunday, October 10, 2010

She's growing like a weed!

Our darling Claire is already 12 weeks old and weighs 18.4 lbs =). She had her second round of shots last Thursday... I can hardly wait for her to be done (at 16 weeks) with her immunizations, so we can take her out in public for walks.

I've been working on leash training. Some days she's a good girl, some days she turns into a total spaz trying to get her leash off. She still loves to eat whatever she can get in her mouth... dirt, bark, weeds, rocks... you name it. The sight of me wrestling something out of her mouth in our yard is quite common =).

Here she is on 9/23 at 10 weeks old.

And on 10/5 at 11 1/2 weeks =).

More to come soon, she just had her first bath... oh, she smells sooooo goooood!

PS: I do still love my human children too ;-), there's some new pics of them over on my photography blog.

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