Friday, October 22, 2010

Grace's 9th Birthday

Well, my little girl is now nine years old. Not little anymore by any means. But she will always be my little girl =).

This was our first year ever without a big birthday party. I just didn't have it in me. AND it was part of the "getting a dog" deal. Grace was totally fine with it, never complained one bit.

I sent her to school with a batch of cookies to share, even though she had a stomach bug two days before. Poor kid has been sick on and off for three weeks now, I even took her to see the doctor and she called it a "bad streak of luck with germs".

Thankfully she woke up feeling wonderful on her b-day.

This was her favorite present this year (well, besides the dog). Can you tell?

Lalaloopsy dolls have since taken over my house. I have to say they are pretty cute in a creepy kinda way, lol.

Grace loves getting mail, so opening her birthday mail is always a highlight =).

Gram Rose sent a really funny one. It talks & sings & is plain old silly. Perfect for my girl.

We went out for dinner of her choice, which was... surprise, surprise... SUSHI. Ya, I know, it's not a big surprise. She's very predictable when it comes to food choices.

And to finish off a good birthday, one needs a giant cookie. It was my hugest cookie ever!! This picture makes me laugh, they are disgusted about the wax dripping on the cookie. I can almost hear Grace saying "ewwwww" =).

Time to sing...

... and make a wish.

All in all a fabulous day. And for a short time, I'm the mother of a nine and ten year old. But it won't last long... that big girl of mine is only a month away from turning eleven ;-).


  1. picture keep getting better and better! Happy Birthday to Grace.

  2. Ah, that's funny, Cynthia. I didn't think these were very good!!!

  3. I love your girls so much!!!