Sunday, October 10, 2010

Claire's first bath!!

Ok, I realize we are not the first people on earth to own a cute dog. I realize people give their puppies baths all over the world and it's not worth shouting from the roof tops. BUT... I still took a video. AND I'm making you all watch it (you better... it only took 128 minutes to upload it to youtube!!!).

So please be nice and don't make me feel even weirder than I already feel. Thank you very much. =)

And here she is all fluffy after her bath. She loves her daddy to pieces! Daddy is looking a bit pink, he worked in the yard all day (and of course thinks he doesn't need sunscreen).

This is the "you better let me out or else..." look.

Chomping on something...

Thanks for hanging around =).


  1. wow! she's getting so big! we need to introduce her to paddy and princess leia.

  2. hilarious...."make sure and get her....uh....err....belly parts" - monika. :-)