Friday, October 22, 2010

Grace's 9th Birthday

Well, my little girl is now nine years old. Not little anymore by any means. But she will always be my little girl =).

This was our first year ever without a big birthday party. I just didn't have it in me. AND it was part of the "getting a dog" deal. Grace was totally fine with it, never complained one bit.

I sent her to school with a batch of cookies to share, even though she had a stomach bug two days before. Poor kid has been sick on and off for three weeks now, I even took her to see the doctor and she called it a "bad streak of luck with germs".

Thankfully she woke up feeling wonderful on her b-day.

This was her favorite present this year (well, besides the dog). Can you tell?

Lalaloopsy dolls have since taken over my house. I have to say they are pretty cute in a creepy kinda way, lol.

Grace loves getting mail, so opening her birthday mail is always a highlight =).

Gram Rose sent a really funny one. It talks & sings & is plain old silly. Perfect for my girl.

We went out for dinner of her choice, which was... surprise, surprise... SUSHI. Ya, I know, it's not a big surprise. She's very predictable when it comes to food choices.

And to finish off a good birthday, one needs a giant cookie. It was my hugest cookie ever!! This picture makes me laugh, they are disgusted about the wax dripping on the cookie. I can almost hear Grace saying "ewwwww" =).

Time to sing...

... and make a wish.

All in all a fabulous day. And for a short time, I'm the mother of a nine and ten year old. But it won't last long... that big girl of mine is only a month away from turning eleven ;-).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Claire's first bath!!

Ok, I realize we are not the first people on earth to own a cute dog. I realize people give their puppies baths all over the world and it's not worth shouting from the roof tops. BUT... I still took a video. AND I'm making you all watch it (you better... it only took 128 minutes to upload it to youtube!!!).

So please be nice and don't make me feel even weirder than I already feel. Thank you very much. =)

And here she is all fluffy after her bath. She loves her daddy to pieces! Daddy is looking a bit pink, he worked in the yard all day (and of course thinks he doesn't need sunscreen).

This is the "you better let me out or else..." look.

Chomping on something...

Thanks for hanging around =).

She's growing like a weed!

Our darling Claire is already 12 weeks old and weighs 18.4 lbs =). She had her second round of shots last Thursday... I can hardly wait for her to be done (at 16 weeks) with her immunizations, so we can take her out in public for walks.

I've been working on leash training. Some days she's a good girl, some days she turns into a total spaz trying to get her leash off. She still loves to eat whatever she can get in her mouth... dirt, bark, weeds, rocks... you name it. The sight of me wrestling something out of her mouth in our yard is quite common =).

Here she is on 9/23 at 10 weeks old.

And on 10/5 at 11 1/2 weeks =).

More to come soon, she just had her first bath... oh, she smells sooooo goooood!

PS: I do still love my human children too ;-), there's some new pics of them over on my photography blog.