Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our first week with Claire

Claire has been with us for one week and she already changed the way things are done in this family. All of a sudden kid socks are put in the laundry hamper right away, children are putting themselves to bed (or end up reading until 10pm because mom didn't come to check on them... ts, ts, ts), our floor is cleaner than ever and the mother of the house is up at 5.20 am (if you know me, you know I like to SLEEP!!!).

I'm pretty much exhausted, but I know this puppy stage won't last long. I swear, I can watch this little girl grow right in front of my eyes!! She's the softest fur ball ever and loves our cuddles.

Lots of my pictures look like this... she's always on the move when awake!

She's also a very smart pup. She just turned 9 weeks old last Thursday and she already knows how to sit, lay down and high five on command. Here's a little demonstration by Erina.

Max (our bully cat) is getting better with Claire every day. The first two days, he was on attack! We would take Claire outside to potty and Max would come running out of the bushes at full speed trying to charge at Claire!! It was crazy!! On day three we avoided any contact between the two (we let him in when we took Claire out and vice versa). Day four he realized he could still relax upstairs and after a full day of snoozing in the girl's room... he was his happy self again. I guess he was sleep deprived just like me, lol. By now he can be outside with us, he always has an eye on that fur ball tough... and if she gets too close, he'll meow and hiss until she backs up. At least he's talking and not getting violent.. haha!

See him back there?

Love that crazy cat!!

And lastly just another cute one of Grace & Claire

Sorry for the picture overload =)!!!!!