Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our first week with Claire

Claire has been with us for one week and she already changed the way things are done in this family. All of a sudden kid socks are put in the laundry hamper right away, children are putting themselves to bed (or end up reading until 10pm because mom didn't come to check on them... ts, ts, ts), our floor is cleaner than ever and the mother of the house is up at 5.20 am (if you know me, you know I like to SLEEP!!!).

I'm pretty much exhausted, but I know this puppy stage won't last long. I swear, I can watch this little girl grow right in front of my eyes!! She's the softest fur ball ever and loves our cuddles.

Lots of my pictures look like this... she's always on the move when awake!

She's also a very smart pup. She just turned 9 weeks old last Thursday and she already knows how to sit, lay down and high five on command. Here's a little demonstration by Erina.

Max (our bully cat) is getting better with Claire every day. The first two days, he was on attack! We would take Claire outside to potty and Max would come running out of the bushes at full speed trying to charge at Claire!! It was crazy!! On day three we avoided any contact between the two (we let him in when we took Claire out and vice versa). Day four he realized he could still relax upstairs and after a full day of snoozing in the girl's room... he was his happy self again. I guess he was sleep deprived just like me, lol. By now he can be outside with us, he always has an eye on that fur ball tough... and if she gets too close, he'll meow and hiss until she backs up. At least he's talking and not getting violent.. haha!

See him back there?

Love that crazy cat!!

And lastly just another cute one of Grace & Claire

Sorry for the picture overload =)!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Guess what?

We are getting a puppy!!!!

I can't quite wrap my brain around it yet, but that little cutie up above... she's mine!

I honestly never thought I would agree to a dog... they smell, they slobber, they chew stuff up. My safe answer for years was "we'll get a dog once the cats pass away", I really had no intentions to EVER get one, hoping the cats would live to a good 16 years (which would make the girls 14 & 16). By then, I was sure, they wouldn't want a dog anymore anyways.

I don't know when I changed my mind. Maybe it was Grace this summer, yelling out the breed of any dog we would see around town (yes, slightly annoying, but cute in a way). Maybe it was watching both girls with our friend's dogs. Maybe it was the realization that my dear children are growing up FAST. All of a sudden I had this urge to give my kids a dog companion... while they are still kids!

I might regret it pretty soon... or I might just fall in love head over heals myself ;-).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My girls are on their 4th week of school already and I haven't even posted the classic "back-to-school" pics. Bad me =).

First let me tell you a little something about our school clothes shopping. I'm not one to wander through the mall for hours. I'm one to surf the net and have all the pretties delivered to my door. Yep. I don't really like shopping at our local mall, they only have a Children's Place, Old Navy and Justice to choose from... oh, and Gymboree. So what clothes do we see most at our school... exactly, you're getting my point. I can't explain why or how it came about, but I simply like to see my kids in something original, something nobody else is wearing. Does that make me look superficial? I hope not! I believe that my girls will grow up to be stronger individuals, because they have their own style and don't mind standing out from the crowd.

Ok, back to the real story here. We came home from Switzerland on a Friday night and school started the following Monday. I had not done any shopping in five weeks. No special outfits picked out. No new shoes. No new backpacks.

We had to go to the mall. No way around it. On a Saturday.

We were severely jet-lagged, almost delirious... giggling out of control over the smallest things. At one point Grace turned to me and said "Mom, I feel like my feet are not even touching the ground!!", which really hit the nail on the head. We floated through the mall and right into The Children's Place. And in my delirium, I gave the kids free range...

... which lead to these back-to-school outfits:

And this backpack & messenger bag (which I would never in a blue moon allow my child to buy in a normal state of mind):

And yes, that's a brown paper bag you see in Erina's hand. That's right, I'm sending them to school with paper bag lunch. Why? Because they lost too many lunch boxes. Actually Grace is the one who lost more than I can count... Erina would be fine. But I have to treat them fair, so they both get a bag that they can toss.

Erina started 5th Grade! I can't believe that this will be her last year of elementary school. She has grown a lot over the summer, body and mind. She's not a little girl any more, but grew into a wonderful young lady. She has a mind of her own and will argue you in the ground (she got that from her daddy). She can also be a bit bossy at times due to her believe that she's always right (now that's from me).

Grace is only a year behind Erina... and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. 4th Grade. She's only 8!!! She is still my baby, she won't want to hear that, but it's true. I want to keep her safe at home, away from the harsh world. I really don't have a reason to feel like she needs protection. She's a tough little cookie and will speak up for herself if she absolutely has to. I think I need to grow up.

Did I mention that my girls are in the same class this year? It's pretty wonderful (I'll only have to volunteer in one class, yay).

All in all I'm hoping for a good year. I know time will fly... and next year will be time for middle school... yikes!