Friday, August 27, 2010

Well... hello there!

Hello to all my dear blog readers (yeah, like there's any... really, I'm just talking to myself, lol). Summer break has come and gone in a flash. I have so much catching up to do, it's not even funny.

We had five wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, peaceful, relaxing weeks in Switzerland with my family (we stay at my parents house every summer... small house, four of us in my old bedroom... and yes, I still call it a relaxing, peaceful trip). Brian came with us for the first two weeks, and we took a little road trip through France. The girls really wanted to visit Paris and it's only a six hour drive from my Swiss hometown. Ah, we had fun. Ah, we had adventures... like visiting the Eiffel Tower during a mean, monstrous thunderstorm. But I'll tell you all about that later.

The truth is that I haven't edited a single picture from our trip. I can't get myself to look at them. I get a "pang" of missing when I do. Not sure if I'm making sense. Do you ever get that feeling... like your heart explodes when you look at a picture of a person that you're missing? Well, that's what I mean with "pang".

I didn't cry this year when I had to say goodbye. My eyes welled up after hugging my Papi at the airport and the usual "what if" thoughts popped in my head... which normally leads to an uncontrollable crying fit right after my dad leaves. Yes, I sob in public if necessary. But this year I didn't let myself go there.... no sadness, no "what ifs"... my parents will be healthy and strong for another year. I'm counting on it.

Life still isn't back to normal here though. I'm sad, homesick. But I have a smile on my face... how could I not smile when I'm around my kids. My happy, funky chickens.

And when one chick looks at me like so... my heart melts.