Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We are leaving for Switzerland tonight, but I figured I should share a few pics from our annual camping trip to Grover Hot Springs =). This was our fifth year there and we love it (well, I only love it, because the kids have so much fun...).

Our home away from home

Kids point of view... they pretty much live up on these rocks.

My point of view, watching them play up there =).

We have a creek right in the backyard... it was c-c-c-cold!!

I just love the light in this one.

My lovely hammock, which was a gift for my 20th birthday. And guess what? It finally broke! I'm so sad... I think the chipmunks had a party in it at night, they got tangled up and chewed through a lot of strings. Sniffle.

We also had a day of rain. I was very unhappy. Enough said.

Brian was brave enough to dunk in the cold water too. He's nuts like that!

The kids all had a blast, rain or shine. They made stores and we poor parents had to buy overpriced rocks, bark and what-not. ;-)

The three big girls gave the three younger ones a new name... the evil triplets... ha, ha!! They don't look evil to me!

Last but not least, our master story teller, Sam. He's so animated! Love it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kids & Airplanes

We are getting ready for yet another long airplane trip to Switzerland =).

My girls are totally used to all the traveling and they pack their own backpacks for the trip by now. We pretty much bring the same stuff each year... we added the i-pods when Grace was five and they finally got Nintendo Ds' last Christmas (but we used to bring Leap Pads along when they were younger). I figured this might be a handy little list. I realize all kids are different, some probably hate drawing while mine love it, lol.

Two books each (Erina already read the one below... even though it was supposed to be for the trip, ha, ha!!!)

Nintendo Ds Lite with games


Pocket Doodles keeps them entertained for hours!

Mad Libs! I even enjoy them =).

Sketch Pads, one medium, one small each.

A brand new box of colored pencils.

They each fill a medium zip lock baggie with Playmobil (mostly people and animals... no tiny pieces allowed, they are sure to get lost between the seats).

One can of playdoh each. Wonderful when they get bored... even at their age.

Pipe Cleaners! I know, funny item, but it works for my kids. They create all kinds of things with them... and the good thing is that you can use them again and again.

Plus a travel size pack of wipes, tissues, chewing gum (in case their ears won't pop), chap stick and a few snacks. Oh, and of course their Sigg bottles (we bring them on the plane empty and let the flight attendant fill it with water right away). We don't have the horse one, I bet Grace wishes it was hers... sigh.