Friday, June 18, 2010

Beach Training

Grace had a cool karate session at Stinson Beach a few weeks ago! It was seriously neat!!! We arrived at the beach at 9 am, the curvy drive down to Stinson went by smooth (yay, nobody got sick), the fog was lifting and the sun came out. Good day! We marched down to the beach to lay out our camp and saw bubbles everywhere! It was magical! Turns out that Stinson has a bubble man, he calls himself Bubble Smith (I later found a video on youtube).

Then Grace's training began... two hours without water break!

See G with the green belt?

Kicking in the sand causes some problems... first she tried to look away...

... then she just closed her eyes every kick, lol!!

Something must have been funny =). That's Grace's Sensei Anisa to her left.

Erina happily played in the sand, she wrote "save the planet". I hope someone up there saw her message.

Nice form ;-)

Then they did a little one-on-one practice.

And finally approached the ocean.

The younger kids were not allowed to go in very far, but it was still fun.

Finally done. OSU!