Friday, May 28, 2010

My Writers

Both my girls entered poems and short stories for the Solano Reading Association's Annual Writing Contest this year. Erina has participated the last two years already (and won each time). Grace however didn't think her writing was contest worthy until now. And goodness, she won for both of her entries!!

This is quite a big deal, considering that they receive over a thousand entries from all over Solano County and only pick 125 to be awarded & published in a book (K-12th Grade).

Here they are with their award certificates:

I'll share Grace's poem with you, I think Erina wants to showcase hers on her own blog.

Drip Drop

I look out the window,
The rain is coming down.

Drip drop
Drip drop

I put my hand out and feel the rain,
The cold rain.
It chills my body.

Drip drop
Drip drop

I lay down on my bed
And fall asleep.
To the music of the rain.

Drip drop
Drip drop

And this is her short story:


There once was a purple pug and a tabby kitten. They both didn't have friends. So they thought they could be friends with each other. But it was harder than they thought.
They tried lots of things for the past three weeks! One of those things was fishing. On a Saturday afternoon the tabby kitten was walking by the purple pugs house. She knocked on the door, the purple pug answered the door and the tabby kitten said "Do you want to go fishing?" "Fishing for BONES??" asked the purple pug. "Nevermind!" said the tabby kitten. "BYE!" the purple pug shouted.
A week later they were still trying to be friends. The purple pug came up with an extordinary idea. "A treasure hunt," said the purple pug, "for bones!!" "Ewwwww, gross, yuck. Bones! No way!" said the tabby kitten, "no thanks, bye." "Bye then," the purple pug said sadly.
"Well, do you want to go on a playdate?" the purple pug asked. "Does it involve bones?" asked the tabby kitten. "Nope." So they went to the purple pugs house. But there was one problem, for lunch purple pug served bones! The tabby kitten shrieked and ran off.
The next day they decided to go for a hike. The purple pug found a lake. So they went fishing. The tabby kitten caught a big fat fish! The purple pug reeled in a bone! They hiked all the way back home after that. It was very exciting!
It was sundown and the purple pug and the tabby kitten were up on a hill. They were now friends. The tabby kitten said in a whisper "Why do you think we fought before?" "I wonder," said the purple pug in a whisper, too.

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