Sunday, May 16, 2010

My little photographers

Grace & Erina couldn't be ANY happier that I upgraded my camera. To them, this means total access to my "old" baby! Both of them have been snapping away all week... and I have to say, they are pretty dang good. And lucky! Thinking back at my own childhood and how I was super proud to get my mom's old point & shoot, I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Wow, how times have changed. My kids are using a DSLR and learning leaps and bounds about photography. Erina is on her way to shoot in manual, she likes to be in control of things (not just in photography, lol).

Anyways, since they are taking a lot of pictures now, they asked if they could have their own blog. I hesitated, wasn't sure if I want my kids exposed on the internet. But then I had to laugh at myself... after all I have a blog with my kid's pictures plastered all over it. And I am in total control of their blog too, I get all the comments emailed to me and approve of their posts before they press the button.

So here it is:
Clickin' Converse


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