Friday, May 7, 2010

hello world

Well, hello world!! I feel like I haven't blogged in ages... I know, it really hasn't been THAT long. Why did I not blog? Maybe because I was busy with life, maybe because I'm questioning why I have this blog or maybe I'm just blah and don't feel like sharing anything. You take your guess.

I was trying to organize my lightroom folders and came across this picture of Grace. I was practicing catch lights and ditched this one as no good. Her eyes looked strange to me, at first I thought she had a strand of hair blowing over her eyes.

But then I zoomed in closer...

Can you see it? The park, the grassy field... I can even spy my elbow, lol. Eyes like a mirror. Love it. Oh, and how about those cute little freckles?


  1. I looked at this picture and laughed because her eyes are the same color blue as the sky! But you can totally see catch lights!! Her eyes just sparkle!!! Love it!!!

    And I'm thinking that you will soon have LOTS to blog!!!! =D I'm so excited!!!!!