Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you mommas out there are getting spoiled today!

I slept in and made my husband cook me breakfast, lol. The kitchen is still a mess though and it looks like I will be cleaning it up... oh well, I think these holidays are a bit overrated anyways. I don't really need my kids to shower me with love today, because I know they love me every day. I actually prefer a random act of kindness when it's least expected!

I received this letter from Grace. I love it when teachers force the kids to write a nice letter to their moms, lol. It's always hilarious to read what they are thankful for. Apparently I'm an awesome mom, because I take her to Starbucks, woohoo!!

I am a little sad that I can't be with my Mom though. I talked to her this morning (already evening for her ;-) and thanked her for having me. And yes, I apologized for moving across the ocean =).

Here's an old picture of us. We are the two on the right =). Awww, how I miss her! I wish I could hug her... but it's gonna have to wait until July.

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