Friday, May 28, 2010

My Writers

Both my girls entered poems and short stories for the Solano Reading Association's Annual Writing Contest this year. Erina has participated the last two years already (and won each time). Grace however didn't think her writing was contest worthy until now. And goodness, she won for both of her entries!!

This is quite a big deal, considering that they receive over a thousand entries from all over Solano County and only pick 125 to be awarded & published in a book (K-12th Grade).

Here they are with their award certificates:

I'll share Grace's poem with you, I think Erina wants to showcase hers on her own blog.

Drip Drop

I look out the window,
The rain is coming down.

Drip drop
Drip drop

I put my hand out and feel the rain,
The cold rain.
It chills my body.

Drip drop
Drip drop

I lay down on my bed
And fall asleep.
To the music of the rain.

Drip drop
Drip drop

And this is her short story:


There once was a purple pug and a tabby kitten. They both didn't have friends. So they thought they could be friends with each other. But it was harder than they thought.
They tried lots of things for the past three weeks! One of those things was fishing. On a Saturday afternoon the tabby kitten was walking by the purple pugs house. She knocked on the door, the purple pug answered the door and the tabby kitten said "Do you want to go fishing?" "Fishing for BONES??" asked the purple pug. "Nevermind!" said the tabby kitten. "BYE!" the purple pug shouted.
A week later they were still trying to be friends. The purple pug came up with an extordinary idea. "A treasure hunt," said the purple pug, "for bones!!" "Ewwwww, gross, yuck. Bones! No way!" said the tabby kitten, "no thanks, bye." "Bye then," the purple pug said sadly.
"Well, do you want to go on a playdate?" the purple pug asked. "Does it involve bones?" asked the tabby kitten. "Nope." So they went to the purple pugs house. But there was one problem, for lunch purple pug served bones! The tabby kitten shrieked and ran off.
The next day they decided to go for a hike. The purple pug found a lake. So they went fishing. The tabby kitten caught a big fat fish! The purple pug reeled in a bone! They hiked all the way back home after that. It was very exciting!
It was sundown and the purple pug and the tabby kitten were up on a hill. They were now friends. The tabby kitten said in a whisper "Why do you think we fought before?" "I wonder," said the purple pug in a whisper, too.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Blog

So... I've been working on a new blog =). I think I'm ready to take the plunge on this photography deal. I really, really enjoy photography immensely and my girls are getting tired of being my #1 subjects. I'm giving it a try... I feel like I have to, since this is a dream of mine.

Go check it out, maybe even follow me over there too (the follow button is at the bottom of the page), just so I know I'm not talking to myself (THANKS). I'll still keep this blog alive with my personal ramblings =).

Monika McSweeney Photography

I know, I picked a super original name ;-). Yep, I'm a genius, lol!

Wish me luck! And if you know anybody in NorCal in need of pictures, send them my way... pretty please!

Oh, and yes, I'm super nervous about it all!!!!!! What if I mess UP???? EEEEEEK!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i heart faces * week 20 * faces & flowers

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
~Luther Burbank

My little photographers

Grace & Erina couldn't be ANY happier that I upgraded my camera. To them, this means total access to my "old" baby! Both of them have been snapping away all week... and I have to say, they are pretty dang good. And lucky! Thinking back at my own childhood and how I was super proud to get my mom's old point & shoot, I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Wow, how times have changed. My kids are using a DSLR and learning leaps and bounds about photography. Erina is on her way to shoot in manual, she likes to be in control of things (not just in photography, lol).

Anyways, since they are taking a lot of pictures now, they asked if they could have their own blog. I hesitated, wasn't sure if I want my kids exposed on the internet. But then I had to laugh at myself... after all I have a blog with my kid's pictures plastered all over it. And I am in total control of their blog too, I get all the comments emailed to me and approve of their posts before they press the button.

So here it is:
Clickin' Converse


Friday, May 14, 2010

My Erina =)

I don't want my readers to think that I'm neglecting my older girly. She's just camera shy and rather spends her time behind the camera (just like her momma). But here she is, my beautiful Erina, who makes me proud every single day.

She even took her glasses off for me

Thursday, May 13, 2010


... I got a new camera!!!! Of course I'm super duper excited and want to take pics every day, but my dear children don't always cooperate.

And for some reason photobucket is being unkind to my pictures... they are tack sharp on my computer and to me they look a bit blurry here. I know it's probably user error and I shouldn't blame photobucket ;-).

Monday, May 10, 2010

A little love for Lil Blue Boo

Time to give a shout out to yet another awesome designer! Ashley from Lil Blue Boo totally rocks! She must be one of the most creative people I've come across lately. She makes the cutest dresses, tie dyes & screen prints her own fabric too. But she doesn't stop there... check out her blog, she has so many amazing tutorials available (we're tying the bangles this afternoon).

Grace loves this Lil Blue Boo Peace dress!! It is soooooo her! We had fun doing a little photo shoot at sunset... hippie style with braids and lots of dancing too =).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you mommas out there are getting spoiled today!

I slept in and made my husband cook me breakfast, lol. The kitchen is still a mess though and it looks like I will be cleaning it up... oh well, I think these holidays are a bit overrated anyways. I don't really need my kids to shower me with love today, because I know they love me every day. I actually prefer a random act of kindness when it's least expected!

I received this letter from Grace. I love it when teachers force the kids to write a nice letter to their moms, lol. It's always hilarious to read what they are thankful for. Apparently I'm an awesome mom, because I take her to Starbucks, woohoo!!

I am a little sad that I can't be with my Mom though. I talked to her this morning (already evening for her ;-) and thanked her for having me. And yes, I apologized for moving across the ocean =).

Here's an old picture of us. We are the two on the right =). Awww, how I miss her! I wish I could hug her... but it's gonna have to wait until July.

Friday, May 7, 2010

hello world

Well, hello world!! I feel like I haven't blogged in ages... I know, it really hasn't been THAT long. Why did I not blog? Maybe because I was busy with life, maybe because I'm questioning why I have this blog or maybe I'm just blah and don't feel like sharing anything. You take your guess.

I was trying to organize my lightroom folders and came across this picture of Grace. I was practicing catch lights and ditched this one as no good. Her eyes looked strange to me, at first I thought she had a strand of hair blowing over her eyes.

But then I zoomed in closer...

Can you see it? The park, the grassy field... I can even spy my elbow, lol. Eyes like a mirror. Love it. Oh, and how about those cute little freckles?