Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who's to blame?

I went to bed late last night (as usual) and couldn't fall asleep (not as usual).

I had clothes on my mind, kids clothes, that is.

I was wondering how I became who I am today. How did I go from thrift store to trunk shows to boutique???

It all started with Gymboree. When the girls were little I would window shop there, but I couldn't imagine how ANYBODY could possibly pay those prices for something that would be too small in a few months. I spent lots of time in thrift stores and was always super thrilled to find Gymbo. Once both girls outgrew my thrifty finds, I went to Ebay. I figured it would be worth a try. Back then Gymbo was HOT on Ebay... I was amazed!! Soon after my first ever auctions ended, I got an invitation to an Ebay group for Gymbo Addicts. I joined, simply because I was curious. So began the trip to the dark side.

Before I knew it, I was shopping for brand new Gymbo in store & online. I knew all the line names, hunted down older pieces on Ebay... had to own entire lines. But it was all good, since I turned around and sold those complete sets on Ebay again. Buy something for $50 and sell it for $35. Ha... it only cost me $15!!!

Some time later I joined a few other message boards, huge ones. Lots of mommies with shopping addictions. Oh boy. I sucked it all up... brands that I had never heard of before. Naartjie, Mini Boden and eventually Matilda Jane. How did I justify buying more expensive stuff all of a sudden? Well, the Ebay resale was great.

Are you starting to see a pattern?? ;-)

YUP, I think I'm blaming it all on EBAY! My evil partner in crime.

Sooooooo... thanks to great resale value... I bought this dress for Grace. From a boutique. I won't tell you how much it cost. But it's the most I ever spent on a single dress. Eeeek. I must be losing it.

I must admit, I love it so.

Most importantly, so does Grace.

And let's face it, I maybe have another year before Grace moves to jeans & tee attire like her sister. I should enjoy it. Right?


  1. I think it the cutest dress you've ever that makes you feel any better!

    I blame on my shopping addictions on you. If I didn't see your cute kids in these clothes...I would never buy them. BUT...I'm OK with that. I love that you found Naartjie for me!

  2. The Hyde Park. Excellent choice. ;)

  3. I absolutely adore that dress as does Isabelle!! Honestly though, what's not to love!?!?

  4. Well...I join you with the thrift to trunk travels. I still get excited about a good buy at consignment or thrift prices, but too much gos by way of boutique. And I can't say e-bay is to blame.

    As for the dress,go Grace, it's lovely.

  5. I'm glad I have all you ladies who understand =).

  6. I recently stumbled across your blog b/c of my growing MJC habit that follows a similair story to yours. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one!

    Anyway, you take beatiful pictures and I have enjoyed scolling thru your older post...particularly your summer trips to Switzerland...I'm jealous.

    thanks for sharing

  7. That evil ebay, sucked me right in too! That dress is adorable on her and I came close to getting one for Caleigh, but I'm trying hard to break-up with ebay. LOL!

  8. Oh my, reading this sounds exactly like me! Now I've decided that my french is good enough to buy on ebay France.....really great pieces over there. Oh I am in deep! :)

  9. Ah. The Dark Side.

    That story sounds eerily familiar to me.