Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rush Ranch

Just in case you haven't noticed... my kids are on spring break! For three weeks! Woohooo! Which means a lot more picture opportunities and good times spent together =).

Today we visited Rush Ranch. We go out there often just to watch the horses. Many of the females are high pregnant right now... we were hoping for baby news, but nothing yet.

This gal didn't like me. As soon as I got close, she walked away! She did like the girls though, so I snuck a picture through the fence.

Then the more friendly white lady came along and said "Take a picture of MEEEEE". So I did.

We found another expecting mother, a rather tiny one compared to the horses. Meet Miss Killdeer. She was protecting her eggs and wouldn't move away from her nest. And her nest was right by a rather busy walkway along a fence! We wouldn't even have noticed her if it wasn't for her loud alarmed singing. You can see one of her eggs to her left, it looks like a speckled rock.

Finally we gazed at beautiful Apollo. He's the big stud out at Rush Ranch... probably the father of most of the babies too. Sadly we couldn't get closer than this... and the girls got yelled at by farmer dude for standing on the gate (apparently it loosens the hinges?).

Another good day for us =).

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  1. Visiting from MIS. Beautiful pics. I love and miss SF!!