Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Saturday Night Blabbing

Tomorrow is Sunday. Our day to rest. But tomorrow will be different. We'll get up at 6.30 am to bring our little karate kid to her very first competition in South San Francisco. We will drive an hour and fifteen minutes to get there, so she can perform a one minute kata. It's kind of silly when you think of it. Not to mention the fee to enter the tournament (let's just say I could have bought another MJ dress, lol). BUT we're doing it, because she loves karate and wants to compete. I'm proud of her, I really am.

Grace with Master Vincent Cruz

This is the kata that she will perform:

Maybe I should tell her entering the tournament is her Easter present. That would go over well... *giggle*.

Talking about Easter. I went to Cost Plus today to shop for European chocolates for the girl's baskets. Of course I ended up buying new baskets as well (hey, they were 25% off). AND I found Swiss chocolate bunnies that are made by FREY, my all time favorite Swiss chocolate. This brand is hard to find, usually I'm stuck with Lindt (which is my least favorite... but still better than American).

While browsing for little nicknacks to put in the dumb plastic eggs, I started wondering how much I will end up spending on this little junk... just so my kids can find plastic eggs all over the yard, open them, be giddy for a minute and then never use the little nicknack again. So I put all the little junk back and decided NOT to have an egg hunt this year... or if I do, I'll just put coins in them.

What do you put in your eggs? I need inspiration, people!!! I'll take any suggestions besides chocolate... they'll get enough of that in their basket already.


  1. Maybe you could type on little slips of paper. You can put reasons why you love your girls, favorite things about them, little jokes, etc. Or is that too young for them? Or you could find some kind of charm bracelet and put little charms in each one for them to find? I bet Etsy has some cute ideas too. Oh dear, I'm rambling.

  2. Please take a video of Grace and post it...that would be awesome!

    We don't do egg hunts (my aunt always does one for the kids at her house...she puts quarters in the eggs). The kids each get a litte basket with a toy...usually.

  3. We just went to a community egg hunt where they put nothing in and the kids then traded them for a goodie bag.

    I heard a mom say at home they put pennies in theirs and then have the kids "buy" clues to where their easter basket is hidden.

  4. Thanks for all your ideas. Laura, I love your idea with the little notes... I could even make little coupons. I have to stay away from Etsy... it sucks me in and won't let me out, lol.

  5. I have to tell you I went to World Market and found the Frey chocolate easter bunnies and got one for each of my kids!

  6. Cool, I'm spreading the Swiss chocolate love, lol! I hope your kids will like them!