Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who's this guy???

That's what I was pondering over this morning, when I came across this video while channel surfing (and eating my bagel ;-). The video was somewhere in the middle when I tuned in. Right away the voice sounded familiar... but I couldn't remember seeing this hot guy. Mhh... who is this? Then I studied his face and it hit me. CREED! I didn't know that band was still around... had not heard any of their music in ages. I remember the lead singer as a guy with slimy long hair... oh, my... he's so much hotter without hair!!!

Watch for yourself. Love the song too.

And here's a flashback to 2000 with the song that made me cry, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Erina was a itty baby and this song somehow hit my emotional spot...

And I guess his hair wasn't slimy... but I still like him better without.

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