Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hoot, hoot... because it's cute!

Gram Rose came to visit today to celebrate Brian's birthday. And since she loves owls, Grace wore her Hoot Peasant Dress from Matilda Jane.


Grace also has the matching owl ruffles... but she couldn't wear them today, because her knees wouldn't look cute. Are you confused? So was I!

She put the dress on, marched over to the full length mirror and stared at herself.

G: "Mom, look how cute that looks!"

Me, not really looking "Mh-mh... very cute."

G: "Mom, you have to look at my knees to see how cute this is!!!!"

Me, looking up... wondering what's going on with her knees "Okay, what's so cute? I don't get it?"

G: "Look how I'm putting my knees together... I think it looks cute with this dress."

Me: "I'm glad you think your knees are cute like that, but please put your ruffles on now."

G: "I don't think that will work."

Me: "Hun, you can't have naked legs today... it's too cold. Besides, the dress is a little short on you without ruffles."

G put ruffles on, goes back to the mirror "See? It doesn't look cute now... the ruffles don't make my knees look cute! I need tights."

Me: "I think the ruffles look adorable with the dress... it really is a bit short for tights."

G: "Mom, you don't understand. I can't see how cute my knees look when I wear ruffles with this dress!!!! And see? The dress goes past my fingers... it's long enough!"

Me (grumble, grumble... giving up): "Okay... let's find some tights then."

And here are her cute knees in a short dress.

I still don't get it. To me she looks like she has to go potty =).

"Ah, mom... sometimes you just don't get it"

I agree, I agree.


  1. Too cold for tights with real flowers growing in the real ground! I'd be in shorts! ;)

    Regardless - i think grace (and her knees) look cute!

  2. She has the euro model thing going on. Haha. I like her and her cute knees!

  3. OMG I am laughing so hard over the looking like she's about to go potty comment! ROFL!!!!!

    Her knees look super cute! :o)