Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest

Matilda Jane Clothing is holding a wonderful contest for photographers. My friend Sharon Sossaman is one of the contestants and I would love it, if you could put a vote in for her =).

Follow this link (read instructions below the darling picture first, please).
Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest

Here's Sharon's entry, so you can spy her easier ;-). Isn't it gorgeous? I sure think so!

And a couple pointers taken from the Matilda Jane blog:
RULES: Voting is done by adding your favorite photographers to your shopping bag and then checking out. You can add as many photographers as you want to your bag, but don't waste your time adding a photographer a million times to your bag because multiple votes for the same photographer in one bag are ignored. Also, you can check out only once from your IP address. Checking out more than once from your IP address will not be counted in our system. Voting will end Sunday, December 6 at midnight. Voting takes place on the Matilda Jane Clothing website.

Oh, when you hit Submit, a confirmation page appears asking you to double check everything. You must hit Submit one more time on this page for your votes to register.

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