Thursday, December 10, 2009

Every now and then...

... my kids will wear an outfit, that I love so much... I have to photograph it (on the kid, lol). My girls don't love me for this passion of mine. This is how it usually goes as soon as we get out of the car (after school):

Me: Grace, don't take your shoes off just yet. I need to grab my camera.

Grace: Why, mom??? I don't feel like pictures!!!

Me: Just a quick one in front of the door. You look so cute today, I have to!

Grace: I won't even smile for you.

Erina (whispering while I run upstairs to get the camera): Just smile and she will be done faster.


Today was one of those days. And this is how she smiled for me to get it over quickly.

But then... without any warning or encouragement... she broke out into this

I wasn't ready for such a huge burst of energy. And she said "Want me to do it again?" - "Ok, hun." (see the cat behind the screen door looking at Grace?)

Next was the "Oh, let me jump off the side, that's more FUN!!!". She's asking if I'm ready for her to go... she's so considerate =).

I'm ready!!

So, what's the moral of this story? Sometimes a dreaded moment can turn to fun without you ever noticing it. Gotcha, Grace!

And on a side note. The darling velour outfit is from Naartjie! I love their velour sets and get at least one every winter.

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  1. Oh how funny.. LOVE the pictures and the outfit and your little girl looks adorable as always!