Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

I figured I should share our Christmas pictures before the new year starts. I took way too many pics and can't choose which ones to show on here... so I made it easy on myself and put them all in a slideshow.

Christmas day is always spent at home, no guests allowed, lol. We lounge around in our pajamas all day and the grown-ups even get to take a nap (which I always need after the hype BEFORE Christmas).

The girls were thrilled with all their presents, which makes me happy. I'm glad that my big girls still squeal with excitement when they get playmobil... or a doll. Grace got Erina a Baby Born... which is her favorite doll ever, she got her first one when she was only two... and well, the poor doll lost an arm and I wasn't going to replace it... so Grace took care of it... and boy, was Erina excited!

I also finally caved and got them Nintendo DS Lite's. I'm soooo not fond of handheld games. I'm kind of old fashioned that way and would rather have them play with a wooden dollhouse, paper dolls or playmobil... you know, something where you need your imagination. AND if they have to play a game, they can do it online... after all they are Webkinz fanatics already. BUT... as I said, I caved. Of course they were both glued to that little machine immediately. Thankfully the battery died after about an hour and the instructions said to charge them for at least three hours. Ha, that was perfect! So they took off and played with their real toys.

Another hit sure is the Wii!!! That was Brian's surprise present to the family (and sooooo not planned OR in the budget... darn it, Brian!!!). Of course we all knew about it, because he told ERINA. Doesn't he know she can't keep a secret? I was mad when she told me. Very mad. Not at her... but Brian. In the end it was a good thing Erina told us before Christmas... that way I was able to work through my anger and put on a happy face when time came to open the "surprise". Am I still angry? Nope. Guess what? I think I actually like that darn Wii better than anybody else. I played tennis for hours and paid for it with a real tennis arm, lol. Believe it or not, this really is a work-out machine!!!

Ok, that's enough blabbing by Monika, right? On to the slideshow:

And if you made it through... thank you, you must really love me or my kids ;-).

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  1. Happy New Year. The pix are awesome. I really love the one closeup of Grace!