Monday, November 30, 2009

Sister Love

Today was the last day of our three week long fall break. And believe it or not, I'm sad to send them off to school tomorrow. Those two get along so nice, they can literally play together twelve hours straight and not get into any fights. Yes, they do fight occasionally... and they do have grumpy days. But all in all they are a power team. And full of imagination. Ballerinas, pirates, ice skaters, doctors, world travelers... you name it, they can be it.


I had many plans for this break. I wanted to take them to the city... show them some sights and ride the cable cars. Maybe a trip to the zoo or a museum. But you know what? They were happiest at home. And I can't really blame them, I like my home too ;-).

They watch out for each other, comfort each other when one is scared or sad. They are each others biggest fans.

I love that they have each other. Forever.

Even though one is a whirlwind...

... and the other is calm.

They belong. Together. To me. For now. Peace.


  1. Awww, that brought tears to my eyes! How lucky they are to have each other, and to have you for their Mom. :o)