Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gotta give a little...

... love to Mini Boden. We love this brand at our house and I just realized that I hardly ever swoon about their clothing. You know why that is? Because most of it is worn by Erina. She's not loving my camera. No, let me rephrase that. She's not loving to be in front of my camera (because she does love being behind it ;-).

Mini Boden is funky & fresh, bright & cheerful. And quality is superb too! I never order anything at full price... I always google for a discount code, which often includes free shipping & returns (which I love... I order two sizes of pants and return the one that doesn't fit).

Grace wore this lovely ensemble today. All Mini Boden... except for the boots (those were 10$ at Walmart... I couldn't resist).



I adore the knee socks! They come in a three pack... argyle, polka dots & stripes!

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  1. I'm so far behind in reading your blog!! I've been missing some excellent pictures! Amazing shots of your girls. And they look adorable in their Halloween costumes. Love all of them...