Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy Week

It's been one of those weeks.... you know, the one where you don't get anything done around the house because you're never home.

I volunteered at school three mornings in a row, which I love to do. I really do. But it's tiring!! I really don't know how teachers do this every day. I admire them!! I really do.

Here's Grace during a math lesson. She's totally paying attention.... SO NOT!

Was I paying attention? He, he...

We also spent an evening at school painting posters for upcoming PTA events. The girls really enjoyed it and can't wait to see their own creations hanging around the school. No pictures... I was busy helping. Grace was able to incorporate her love for horses in her poster, I think she wrote "ride on over to the book fair" and she drew many, many horses. Erina's looks like a huge open book, which is also typical since she loves to read.

Oh, talking about reading. I won four books for Erina on Ebay and they arrived Monday. She rushed through her homework that day and disappeared in her room shortly after. She was not heard or seen until dinner... already on book number three!!!

What else is new?

Mhhh... just some more karate testing for Grace. She moved up to the BIG kid class lately... so don't be surprised at the size of these kids, lol. They are all very sweet!! One of the girls just celebrated her 14th birthday and she brought in dinner for the class!!! I love that there are only five students in this class right now! I know it's wonderful for the Senseis that their program is growing, but selfish me likes a tiny class for my kid!



That's it for today. Enjoy your weekend!! I have a long to do list... but it's all good, because I get to sleep in!!! Good night. And please excuse any typos... it's late!

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