Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Labor Day Camping Trip

I know, I'm a bit behind... Labor Day is long gone! Better late than never, right?

We were invited to join our "doran beach camping buddies" for another camping weekend in the foothills. I was a bit iffy about it... okay, let's be honest, I really didn't want to go. I like my two yearly camping trips. I know what to expect and come prepared. But this was out of my comfort zone. Uhhh, a new place with lots of NEW people. Did I say LOTS? Did I say NEW? Not very good for shy me!

In the end I did it for the kids. They absolutely love to camp and hang out with their friends. Did they have a blast? YES. Did I? Who cares!! :-D

Exciting things that happened:
- Grace caught her very first fish (and I wasn't even there to take a pic!!!!!)
- Traci dragged Julie and myself to the BAR. I haven't been inside a bar in forever! I drank two Southern Comforts on the rocks and was a happy camper (ha, ha)
- I was hugely jealous of the cool camper who had an i-phone and filmed the giant campfire to post on facebook
- I finished an entire book!!!!
- We didn't freeze to death (yes, that's exciting... you wouldn't even believe how many layers of clothes I wore to bed)

Erina's one and only try at fishing

Don't they look wonderfully bored?

Christopher was totally into it!

Swimming... I have to say, the lake was lovely

Total hot spot of the entire campground?? Our hammock!!

Look at all those dangling legs!

Erina hung out with me while the gang went fishing on day 2. Can you tell she wanted to go swimming?

And that's it for today! Good night!

Ok, just one more!!!

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  1. I can totally relate!! I camp by myself because I have MY way of camping.
    I have my traditions and my way of doing everything. I'd be really weary of taking the plunge and camping with new people.