Thursday, September 10, 2009

Karate: Orange Belt

Grace was testing for the orange belt at the end of August! I was so nervous for her, I really have no idea how she remembers all the different moves. She froze up once, but she told me later she couldn't hear what the sensei was asking her to do. Testing is a long and boring process. Grace had to sit still and wait for 38 minutes (yes, I was watching the clock, lol) until she had her turn.

The biggest deal about testing is the board breaking. She had to break through two boards this time around.... you don't break the boards, you don't get a new belt!!! And they never, ever practice this skill!!!

Ok, here are two little videos. First one I took from outside the room, during the first part of testing. Second one is the board breaking.

Changing of the belts!



I'm so proud of my little girl! She takes karate very serious and I'm thrilled that she found a sport that she enjoys.

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  1. OMG She is so stinkin cute!! I love the videos and the board breaking was awesome!