Friday, May 1, 2009

Yellow Belt

Grace had her karate tests yesterday. It was a big one this time around... she was testing for the yellow belt. I knew she had no problem with all the moves, but I was nervous for the board breaking part. See, to receive the yellow belt, she HAD to break a board. And they never once practiced this either. It was a first... and it was a test... and there were lots of people watching.

If you know my Grace, you know she does NOT like to be the center of attention. She might be loud and talk your ears off in a small group, but if she has to do something all alone in front of a bigger group she freezes.

Which looks something like this

Ok, so she got called up front first. Sensei put a special glove on her and she was ready to go. She hit the board, nothing happend. Hit it again. Again. And again. Dang board wasn't breaking. I was getting worried. Grace looked shy and timid. But hey, I was proud she was standing there in front of an audience. Sensei made her sit down and let the other two kids go. They both broke the board without problems. I thought it was all done and over and she would just have to do it again next month. But I was wrong.

Sensei put the glove back on Grace and she had to try again:

Yay, she did it!!

Off comes the white belt

and on goes the yellow :-)

I'm a proud mamma. I sure am.

Ok, now some better outdoor pictures :-D.

With her broken board,

her certificate

and the beautiful roses that she received from the Hietalas.