Friday, May 8, 2009

I messed up...

I was trying to give my blog a make-over... now my header picture is all wrong... ugh. On the bright side, I figured out how to have more space for pictures and less for the sidebar, woohoo.

I'll try to fix it later, gotta jump in the shower before I pick up the kiddos.

Ok... so I figured out how to get the header to go all the way across. Now I just have to take a good picture... which I wanted to do tonight, but my peas threw a fit. Ah, what a start to the weekend.


  1. I'm looking on my phone and I love it! I'll look on the computer in a bit so is can see it bigger!

  2. L-O-V-E it! How did you set it so that you can have bigger pictures and a smaller sidebar????