Friday, April 10, 2009

YES, we're going!!!

I'm so stinkin' excited right now! I booked flights to Switzerland yesterday night for a super duper price! I'm thrilled and can't even describe how happy I am.

I do this to myself every year. I stress about the cost of flights, I ponder over staying home one summer. Honestly, it gives me sleepless nights. There's always guilt involved, no matter how I decide. If I don't go, there's guilt that my parents don't get to see their grandchildren for two years. There's fear that something might happen to my parents. Really, I never thought living far away from family would be so hard! And if I go, I feel guilty about the money spent and leaving Brian home alone for a month.

Brian is totally supportive and always says "Get over it, press the button and move on... forget about the money, it's family that counts". So why do I still feel guilty? I wish I could figure it out.

So here I am again, feeling the guilt of leaving my husband behind for a month and the wonderful happiness of knowing that I will be with my parents this summer.

Yep, I'm a torn person. I have two homes. Even after ten years in the States, I think of Switzerland as my home. Funny, he? I wonder if that will ever change?

I'll leave you with a picture from last summer. A wonderful evening walk...


  1. I really am so happy you're going! The kids grow up way too fast and I'm sure it's hard for your parents to only see them once a year as it is. And your girls will have wonderful memories of spending their summers in Switzerland. :o) Now, can I go with you? ;o)

  2. Take me too!!!
    I'm so happy you decided to go! We'll miss you, but it's so important that you go home! Just think of the pictures! Yeah!!!!
    And feel free to bring back some chocolate!

  3. I'm sorry that it's always such a difficult decision for you but in the end your husband is right. Time with family is PRICELESS!! The month of memories you and the girls create with your parents will last a lifetime. Just think of the warmth and happiness you leave in their hearts when you return "home".

    June & Lilli