Thursday, March 5, 2009

Story Time

Erina just submitted a few of her stories to the Solano County Reading Association's yearly writing contest. Cross your fingers for her!

The Ride

Brrm, brrm roars my dad’s running motorcycle. It reflects in the glimmering sun. Whenever I walk away its engine calls me back. Erina, brrm brrm, Erina! Then I walk back to the snoring giant. The motorcycle is very loud, but I’m used to the rumble. Once I get used to it, it sounds more like my favrite music. Then my dad calls me “Time to go”! Here I come to the giant.
When I put my helmet on my head feels hot and heavy. My hands start to get sweaty. The excitement is rushing through my blood. Whoosh… my dad lifts me on the motorcycle. “HOLD ON TIGHT”, he yells over the rumble.
As we zoom around the corner my hair flaps around my head. I close my eyes and pretend it’s a windy day. My glasses feel like they’re going to fall off my head. I open my eyes and see the world flying by.
I love to ride the motorcycle. Especially because I get to hold on tight to my dad the whole time!


  1. OH! That made me cry... You need to take a picture and frame it with this story!
    I'll be angry if Erina doesn't with with that one!