Monday, March 30, 2009

Snail tea party

Saturday was gardening day at our house. Brian was rototilling our vegetable patch while the girls and I planted pretty flowers in our planter boxes. One of those boxes had big old weeds growing and we found lots of snails under them. Nice as we are, we placed them in a shady spot in the yard and finished our job.

Then Grace found a worm and made a little "home" for him on a paper plate. Soon somebody had the fabulous idea that the snails might want to live with wormy.

An hour later, my girls had a full tea party going for the snails. It totally cracked me up, the snails were playing along... sliming over plastic cake :-D. They also held snail races and set up an obstacle course. What a fun entertainment! Honestly, they played all afternoon. By dinner time they set all the snails & wormy free. I bet they had some stories to tell their families too :-D!

If you are creeped out by snails, don't go any farther... goofy me had to take pictures of them!! Of course, lol.

Mhhh... yummy cake! Hey, wait a minute... I don't taste anything?!?
How am I supposed to get down from here? This cake is fake!
I can do it... I think I can... stretch...
Uff, I made it. Let's see what else I can find.
Oh, a swimming pool... that's much better. But... I'm still hungry for cake!
Looky, I found another one... it has CANDLES!
How come I can't blow them out? Weird! I'm soooo confused.


  1. these are really great, creative shots.

  2. OMG Monika, great shots!!! I love how you are with the girls. This is the stuff they'll remember!!

    (in a creepy, whimsical, slimy, snail sort of way...)
    How fun! I love that the snails were playing!
    And brave Grace! Look at her holding one!

  4. I am seriously disturbed! Your girls are so cute. What a fun day!

  5. OMG Monika! I love those snail pics so much!! Those are just totally cool, I just keep looking at them!