Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please don't take my picture

That's what Grace wanted to say, but didn't. I could see it in her face... clear as day.

Poor Grace has been sick since Monday night. It's been one horrible, terrible, rotten week for her. She has a stomach bug that won't go away... she will perk up a bit, even feel slightly hungry, then the pain comes back, she wilts like a sad flower and whatever is in her tummy will come back up. She hasn't played with any toys, she just lays in my bed or on the couch with her knees pulled up.

I know it's just a bug, Brian had the exact same thing a few weeks ago and we thought it must be something serious because the stomach pain was almost unbearable for him. He went to the doctor and was told it was a virus that would pass.

Grace is one tough girl. She's definately the thoughest sick person in our family. I admit it, I'm a whimp when it comes to puking. I hate it, I really do.

Let's hope she's over the worst. She asked to take a bath tonight and went to sleep in her own bed. She still hasn't eaten more than dry cereal and saltines though. I actually put her on the scale and she lost three pounds!!! Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow with an appetite.

And yes, I respected her wish and only took a picture of her lower half. That's her eating Special K without milk :-).


  1. Poor baby.
    Mary Rose has been missing her.
    We all hope she gets better soon....

  2. So sad! Stomach bugs are so tough! Give her a hug for me.