Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Phony in the Field

Grace was wearing the Phony Knot from Matilda Jane Clothing the other day. We both love that dress... and I think the name is perfect. The dress has phones on it and it's not really a knot dress, since it ties at the shoulders... therefore it's a phony knot, :-D.

Be warned, the pictures aren't that great... it was way too bright and I had to deal with shadows on her face, ugh. G was happily picking flowers and didn't pay much attention to me... just the way I like it.

Now for a cute Erina story. Yes, she was with us too... she just wasn't in the mood for pictures. I tried to sneak a few, but she always scrunched up her face... like this:
On our way home, we passed a cemetary. We've driven past this one many times before and nobody ever showed the slightest desire to go in. Well, this time was different, Erina asked me to stop. She said she would like to give her wild flowers to a child at the cemetary. I thought that was a sweet idea, but explained to her, that it might be difficult to find a child's grave. She wanted to give it a try anyways...

So we walked around reading grave stones, it was a great math lesson too, since she wanted to figure out the age of each person. We were about to give up, just one more row... and guess what? We found the perfect grave. It was eerie, almost like it was meant to be. A little boy named Michael
, born on November 14, 1999 (9 days before Erina). He was only 2 1/2 years old when he passed away, so sad :-(. And guess what? His grave was empty, not a single flower. It really was perfect, like my Erina had a calling. She put the flowers in the little inground vase and said "I'm sorry you died so young". It was beautiful. And we promised Michael that we'll come back to see him soon.
And to end this post, I'll leave you with a pretty tree.


  1. Erina is such a sweetie <3

  2. LOVE the one of her holding the flowers.

  3. Great pictures! You guys did go out far! It is kinda a morning spot... maybe go on a over cast day close to sunset? We'll find a good spot while we're on break! We will!

    Erina has such a big heart! She is a very thoughtful mature girl... that Erina girl! And she is lucky to have a mom that understands her!