Saturday, March 28, 2009

Matilda Jane Fashion Show

By now most of you know how nutty I get when it comes to Matilda Jane Clothing :-D. I just love it on my girls, it's unique and funky... me in love, big time!!

Prairie Skirt paired with a tank we already had.

Fiona in Love Peasant paired with denim ruffles we already own.

Grace in Maggie Baby Dress, Parallel Ruffles & headband. Erina in Bluebird Dress.

A better look at the Bluebird Dress... Erina will NOT wear brown leggings with this, we have the Aqua Ruffle ones coming our way.
Sara Top, Stripe Straightees & matching headband.
Katie Lou Dress, Leafy Ruffles & matching headband. This is my absolute favorite! The Maggie Baby Dress above had this big bow on the shoulder... it's the same fabric as the Leafy Ruffles, so I removed it from the dress and sewed it onto a plain brown tee... viola, another comfy outfit!
Elaina Top, Polkie Pants & matching headband. I can tell this will be a favorite... it's so soft and comfortable!
This last one is not from the new line, but I just got it in the mail the same day. It's the Plain Jane Dress... and it's lovely.

If you made it this far... thank you for looking!! Grace & Max were also lucky enough to be featured on the Matilda Jane blog. They both think they are celebrities now. Grace actually dragged poor Max over to the computer to make him look... lol!


  1. OMG...these are adorable. I really love the stripey outfits on Grace! Simply ADORABLE.

  2. Wow-it was like a fashion show! thank you-i haven't gotten my order yet but SOOO look forward to it-any day now!
    I had my first MJ trunk show early March-and boy was it a success! Can't wait for everything to arrive-ok, didn't i already say that?!? :)
    nicole k.

  3. look at them working it....where do they get that monika???