Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Update

Here's a little update on what and how we're all doing...


She received a fabulous report card. Her strength is reading & writing and she's way above grade level in those subjects. She's also doing better in math, still having a hard time memorizing those multiplication tables... but she's getting there, slow and steady! I hate to say it, since it sounds braggy... but she is the perfect little student. She listens well, talks very little and follows directions to a T!

She also participated in the Elementary Honor Choir and the performance was fabulous!! The Honor Choir consists of many different elementary choirs in our school district... probably between 250 and 300 kids singing together. I had goosebumps & tears going on BIG TIME!!!

In her spare time she's all about jumping rope lately. I guess it's the cool thing to do at recess these days too :-D!


Her report card was equally fantastic. She's also a great reader/writer... mhhh, it must run in the family. Numbers come a bit easier to her, but math is her least favorite subject for sure. She has one problem... she talks too much when she's not supposed to and doesn't participate in class discussions. Did you get that? It means she talks to her friend, but gets shy when she has to speak up in front of a big group. Ah, my Grace.

She also started karate this month! It's a great way to excercise... poor kid has been dealing with very sore muscles the last few weeks. She loves it though!

Oh, and she lost another front tooth. She's my toothless wonder now, lol!


Well, there's not much to report here. He's working. That pretty much sums it up. Poor guy, his life is not very exciting lately.

He'll start our vegetable garden hopefully this weekend.


I started sewing!! I ordered a sewing machine online, pretty much on a whim. E & G have been asking for dolly clothes and they convinced me that I could do it.
I have to say, it's so much fun to create! The three of us love going to the fabric store, we get all giddy picking out coordinating fabrics, lol. You can see my first creation above. The skirt came out cute, if I say so myself :-D! Of course it's not perfect, but my girls don't care...

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