Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Phony in the Field

Grace was wearing the Phony Knot from Matilda Jane Clothing the other day. We both love that dress... and I think the name is perfect. The dress has phones on it and it's not really a knot dress, since it ties at the shoulders... therefore it's a phony knot, :-D.

Be warned, the pictures aren't that great... it was way too bright and I had to deal with shadows on her face, ugh. G was happily picking flowers and didn't pay much attention to me... just the way I like it.

Now for a cute Erina story. Yes, she was with us too... she just wasn't in the mood for pictures. I tried to sneak a few, but she always scrunched up her face... like this:
On our way home, we passed a cemetary. We've driven past this one many times before and nobody ever showed the slightest desire to go in. Well, this time was different, Erina asked me to stop. She said she would like to give her wild flowers to a child at the cemetary. I thought that was a sweet idea, but explained to her, that it might be difficult to find a child's grave. She wanted to give it a try anyways...

So we walked around reading grave stones, it was a great math lesson too, since she wanted to figure out the age of each person. We were about to give up, just one more row... and guess what? We found the perfect grave. It was eerie, almost like it was meant to be. A little boy named Michael
, born on November 14, 1999 (9 days before Erina). He was only 2 1/2 years old when he passed away, so sad :-(. And guess what? His grave was empty, not a single flower. It really was perfect, like my Erina had a calling. She put the flowers in the little inground vase and said "I'm sorry you died so young". It was beautiful. And we promised Michael that we'll come back to see him soon.
And to end this post, I'll leave you with a pretty tree.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Snail tea party

Saturday was gardening day at our house. Brian was rototilling our vegetable patch while the girls and I planted pretty flowers in our planter boxes. One of those boxes had big old weeds growing and we found lots of snails under them. Nice as we are, we placed them in a shady spot in the yard and finished our job.

Then Grace found a worm and made a little "home" for him on a paper plate. Soon somebody had the fabulous idea that the snails might want to live with wormy.

An hour later, my girls had a full tea party going for the snails. It totally cracked me up, the snails were playing along... sliming over plastic cake :-D. They also held snail races and set up an obstacle course. What a fun entertainment! Honestly, they played all afternoon. By dinner time they set all the snails & wormy free. I bet they had some stories to tell their families too :-D!

If you are creeped out by snails, don't go any farther... goofy me had to take pictures of them!! Of course, lol.

Mhhh... yummy cake! Hey, wait a minute... I don't taste anything?!?
How am I supposed to get down from here? This cake is fake!
I can do it... I think I can... stretch...
Uff, I made it. Let's see what else I can find.
Oh, a swimming pool... that's much better. But... I'm still hungry for cake!
Looky, I found another one... it has CANDLES!
How come I can't blow them out? Weird! I'm soooo confused.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Matilda Jane Fashion Show

By now most of you know how nutty I get when it comes to Matilda Jane Clothing :-D. I just love it on my girls, it's unique and funky... me in love, big time!!

Prairie Skirt paired with a tank we already had.

Fiona in Love Peasant paired with denim ruffles we already own.

Grace in Maggie Baby Dress, Parallel Ruffles & headband. Erina in Bluebird Dress.

A better look at the Bluebird Dress... Erina will NOT wear brown leggings with this, we have the Aqua Ruffle ones coming our way.
Sara Top, Stripe Straightees & matching headband.
Katie Lou Dress, Leafy Ruffles & matching headband. This is my absolute favorite! The Maggie Baby Dress above had this big bow on the shoulder... it's the same fabric as the Leafy Ruffles, so I removed it from the dress and sewed it onto a plain brown tee... viola, another comfy outfit!
Elaina Top, Polkie Pants & matching headband. I can tell this will be a favorite... it's so soft and comfortable!
This last one is not from the new line, but I just got it in the mail the same day. It's the Plain Jane Dress... and it's lovely.

If you made it this far... thank you for looking!! Grace & Max were also lucky enough to be featured on the Matilda Jane blog. They both think they are celebrities now. Grace actually dragged poor Max over to the computer to make him look... lol!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Update

Here's a little update on what and how we're all doing...


She received a fabulous report card. Her strength is reading & writing and she's way above grade level in those subjects. She's also doing better in math, still having a hard time memorizing those multiplication tables... but she's getting there, slow and steady! I hate to say it, since it sounds braggy... but she is the perfect little student. She listens well, talks very little and follows directions to a T!

She also participated in the Elementary Honor Choir and the performance was fabulous!! The Honor Choir consists of many different elementary choirs in our school district... probably between 250 and 300 kids singing together. I had goosebumps & tears going on BIG TIME!!!

In her spare time she's all about jumping rope lately. I guess it's the cool thing to do at recess these days too :-D!


Her report card was equally fantastic. She's also a great reader/writer... mhhh, it must run in the family. Numbers come a bit easier to her, but math is her least favorite subject for sure. She has one problem... she talks too much when she's not supposed to and doesn't participate in class discussions. Did you get that? It means she talks to her friend, but gets shy when she has to speak up in front of a big group. Ah, my Grace.

She also started karate this month! It's a great way to excercise... poor kid has been dealing with very sore muscles the last few weeks. She loves it though!

Oh, and she lost another front tooth. She's my toothless wonder now, lol!


Well, there's not much to report here. He's working. That pretty much sums it up. Poor guy, his life is not very exciting lately.

He'll start our vegetable garden hopefully this weekend.


I started sewing!! I ordered a sewing machine online, pretty much on a whim. E & G have been asking for dolly clothes and they convinced me that I could do it.
I have to say, it's so much fun to create! The three of us love going to the fabric store, we get all giddy picking out coordinating fabrics, lol. You can see my first creation above. The skirt came out cute, if I say so myself :-D! Of course it's not perfect, but my girls don't care...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The many faces of Grace

All taken in one session... amazing what a face can say!!

And yes, she is wearing all different outfits, we were trying on her new Matilda Jane outfits. I'll post the fashion show pics soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a funny

These two girls have so much love for each other, it's amazing! I'm so happy that my Grace is blessed with such a wonderful girlfriend. She's lucky!

Anyways, this picture totally made me giggle... they both look so silly that it's funny :-D!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

from our house to yours!! I hope you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;-).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's horse around!

Erina's best friend had one of the coolest birthday parties EVER :-). She's all about horses and her parents sure did an amazing job with the games and activities.

Here's Grace, back from the sickies... still a little pale, but she even managed to eat cake AND ice cream!
Erina with the birthday girl waiting to rope a horse...
... a stick horse, that is :-D!
Then it was time for a game of "Pin the apple on the horses mouth"... isn't that a cute twist to an old favorite? Next was the sugar cube stacking contest!
And finally, decorating a real horse shoe with sparkly gems.