Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scooter Love

Ah, Grace & her scooter. What a match made in heaven. The moment she gets home, she dashes out to the backyard to ride around our triangle shaped vegetable garden. She's fast, she's fearless, she's daring. I think she's feeling Spring in the air.

Round and round she went, giving me goofy faces.
Round and round she went... then she fell, smacked her knee... got back up & round and round she went again... fell again, got up again. You get the picture. It wasn't her day... or maybe it wasn't her scooters day. Who knows? All I know, I was there to capture her fall on camera. This was on fall number five.

Checking the knee...
Oh, no...! (Note that she didn't cry until she saw her knee ;-).
That's my girl... she can't be sad for long. Can you see her tears? I so wish I could have bigger pictures in this blog.
Back on she went... ready for fall number six. Nothing can hold my girl back.
And where was Erina all this time? She had to finish homework :-(. But she got a few rounds in as well... she was zooming so fast, I couldn't catch her. Funny picture, right?


  1. I love these pictures!!! The ones of Grace crying are so sweet! The tears down her cheeks and the sad look she's giving you, wow, they're really beautiful pictures Monika!

  2. Thanks, Sandi! And also thank you for leaving a comment... I love getting comments :-D!!!