Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I don't really have anything interesting to blog about, so you're just gonna have to listen to me blabbing away :-).

It's been raining for DAYS, which really is a good thing, since California needs it desperately. BUT it also darkens my mood, I crawl into my little HOLE and don't want to come out. I called myself a RECLUSE several times during this long weekend.

The girls had a sleepover at their friend Brittney's house last Friday. Brian and I were supposed to go on a hot steamy date in San Francisco. See how I'm saying "supposed to"? Because we ended up not going... like two boring old folks. BUT to our defense, it was raining, it was a Friday and traffic into the city would have been horrid. Our second plan was dinner and a movie. BUT it rained, it was cold, it was dark. So Brian picked up my favorite Thai dinner (green curry, if you care to know) and we stayed in our cozy home. I like my home, it's everything I ever wanted... plus some.

Now to my poor hubby. He's been one sick puppy since Sunday :-(. We're not sure if it's food poisoning or just a bug, but the poory soul is seriously ill. He can't keep any food down and has terrible stomach cramps. He went to the doctor today, just to make sure it's not the appendix. Right now he's finally sleeping, the doc gave him some meds for the nausea.

What have I been up to... besides hiding in my hole? I've been busy getting my kids outgrown (or unloved ;-) clothes listed on Ebay. You know what finally motivated me? The countdown to the Matilda Jane spring line. It will be released in 12 days!!! Go check out Denise's blog, she's doing all these fun contests to win some of her goodies. Of course I didn't win anything so far... I'm not lucky that way (I am lucky in other ways though, lol).

Ok, here's some link love to my auctions. Cross your fingers for me, I started them all at 99 cents again, even though the economy is in the toilet. There will be more listed by Thursday.

And you know what always happens to me when I'm listing? I end up browsing my old pictures to find the outfits in action. I found this picture of Grace taken on her first day of preschool... she was almost three. That dress was the beginning of our Naartjie addiction. That's my other big love!

If you made it this far, thanks for listening. I guess my hole can be a lonely place and I DO love to talk :-D!!!


  1. Hope you get a smile on your face soon!

  2. Oh look how little Grace is there! How sweet!

  3. AWWW... Look at little Grace!

    How Brian is better and you are in a chipper mood today!