Friday, February 6, 2009

The bird

The other day we went down to the Marina for some good outdoor playtime before the rainy days arrived (thanks, Sharon). These kids all get along so well, it's really amazing.

Brady called the girls over to a palm tree. All I heard was "I found something" and he made Maryrose lift up a piece of palm tree... under it was a dead bird. Of course all the girls started screaming and yelling like girls should. We told them not to touch the bird and left it alone.
They went off and played something else. Then I heard "Oh, let's have a funeral" with one ear... but I didn't really pay attention too much, I was having fun singing the itsy, bitsy spider to Maggie.

Before I knew it they came running back with a cup, coverd with a piece of wood (palm tree bark... or whatever you want to call it). Can you see where I'm going? They wanted to hold a funeral for the bird!! Smart Brady knew he wasn't allowed to touch the bird, so he pushed it into a cup with that piece of wood. They tossed the bird into the water to set him free. They watched him for a long time... will he sink or float? Then it was time to pray for the bird. Look at Janie... isn't she just too precious? She was giving it her all.
Look, we got them all to stand there for a cool picture... even Maggie!!!
She didn't last long though.
And who takes the coolest pictures??? Of course Sharon. Look at them all flocking around her!

To the little bird, I hope you rest in peace.


  1. What sweethearts! And you and Sharon are gems, I probably would have told my kids to just leave the bird alone. Look at what I could've missed!

  2. Well, we did tell them to leave it alone... and then we didn't notice what they were doing until it was too late, lol!

  3. hilarious! when was this? how come i never hear about this stuff?

  4. You got me laughing all over again!

    I made Brady take a long shower when we got home! I COULDN'T BELIEVE HE PICKED THE THING UP! EWWWW! Boys can be so gross!

    I need to get a few of my pictures up. They are pretty funny!

    And the shot of me and the kids looking at the shots I got... It's called "chimping" Looking at the shots out of the camera with someone and saying, "OH! OH! OOH!" Like chimps. Chimping. It's a real term. I'm not kidding.

    Your shots are great! I love the pretty light!