Thursday, January 8, 2009

Matilda Jane... again

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and I felt the urge to take pictures. I had to come up with an idea to get the girls into it... so I went through Grace's closet, fondling all her lovely Matila Jane outfits, and pulled a set out that she's almost outgrown. Then I put my best pouty face on, begged her to wear it one more time AND please, please,please go out for a photo session with me... yes, I do these silly things (hey, it's for the love of fashion and photography)! To my surprise it worked and she agreed :-).

So we headed downtown and I snapped away. I never realized how many wonderful backdrops we have in our small downtown!
My Erina has a mind of her own. She didn't want to get dressed up and was not in a picture mood. I don't push it with her, she doesn't fall for the mommy pout either, lol. But low and behold, she asked to have her picture taken. YAY! I think with her I just have to wait until she asks... it has to be on her terms.
Wild thing!
I love this picture... I can just feel the joy of a good twirl.
I like this one too... Grace thinks she's sneaking up on Erina. A sweet one.
Then Erina moved in for a double pole hug :-).
More twirling. I messed around with the saturation, I kind of like the way it looks muted. I'm itching to get a photoshop program, but I'm unsure which one and I heard they are not easy to use. Any opinions are appreciated ;-).
Then it was time to go home... they were nice and tired... and glad that I got them out of the house!


  1. I have so much to say, but I'm on my phone and it will forever!
    Love the photos! You get better and better with every shoot! The spinning photo... Awesome!

  2. You are just so naturally talented! Your pictures are beautiful! (as always) Thanks for sharing!