Friday, January 2, 2009

The girls view...

I mentioned before that I gave my little camera to the girls when I got my baby. Well, they took a lot of pictures and movies over the last few months and I finally downloaded it all a couple weeks ago. I think it's interesting to see the world through kids eyes. Todays tasting is all from our Maui trip :-).

Ok, be prepared to laugh. Or maybe not. Who knows, maybe I'm the only one who thinks this video is hilarious. Watch it and then I'll tell you what made me laugh out loud (remember to turn the music off first... scroll to the bottom of the page, thanks).

1. Ken has a diamond shaped gem on his chest... he's the coolest dude... ever :-D
2. Grace is talking into the fan
3. Erina starting to sing a hula hula song
4. Brian telling Grace to hold the Barbie still... that's where I totally lost it, like he cares if poor Barbie's picture turns out blurry!!! :-D :-D
5. Just the entire idea of a Barbie family commercial

Check out his gem!!!!!

On to Panda and Bear-Bear. My kids always travel with a companion, always. Grace has so many favorites and she gives them turns... if I remember right, this was Panda's very first vacation and he was a little scared to fly. Erina, my loyal one, has taken Bear-Bear all around the world with us (she got him when she was about 6 months old and never goes on vacation without him).

Here they are at school, learning how to write a letter :-).

Rare picture of Brian and I... on our balcony, watching the girls play.

Bear-Bear doing an outdoor photo shoot.

Our sleepy child...

Random nature picture... I guess the odd looking roots were the point of interest.

Grace screaming her head off at the beach... and that's her new Webkinz bat Maguro... and no, she's not screaming because she's being attacked by a bat :-D.

At the airport waiting for our plane. Brian is pouting like a little kid :-).... ... and I'm reading, as usual. Oh, and notice the real life Barbie doll in the background, lol.

That's it for today!

And I almost forgot.... have a Happy New Year!!!!

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