Saturday, January 3, 2009

Girls Night Out

Today we enjoyed a girls night out in Alameda with Lilly (my darling niece).

First we did a little shopping at my old favorite consignment store. Well, I should say I did a little shopping while the girls played house in the cute little playroom. I love coming to this store, it always brings back memories, since this was the place where I bought most of Erinas baby clothes. I was being good though and only walked out with one denim vest for Miss G.

We stopped at Starbucks for some refreshments and a much needed potty break :-). Then we just strolled up and down Park Street, checked out some random stores and found this total gem of a gift store called "3 Wishes". I've walked past this store so many times and never gave it a second glance. Erina was the one who wanted to go inside and sure enough it was her kind of store... she had a blast browsing through all the sketchbooks and art supplies. Oh, and reading lots of cards! She loves doing that!

Grace & Lilly were entertained too... see the red thing that they are spinning around?
Grace said it was hypnotizing her... sure looks like it, he?
Just a cute picture to admire Grace's darling Matilda Jane outfit... it's so simple and still different... and just so Grace!
Grace was reading some funny cards to Lilly. I totally love watching these two cousins together, they are just so sweet!! Ah, the lollipop tongues!! Lilly definately wins first price :-D.
Erina ended up buying a neat sketchbook/journal with some of her Christmas money. I can never say no to something creative! I might actually have to go back and get a few for birthday presents... yep, that's how much I like it.
And to finish up the post, a funky shot of Erina and myself...

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  1. What a fun looking store. I've never really spent any time in Alameda. You'll have to give me some tips!