Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bat Alert

Friday night Brian & I were laying in bed, watching tv, while the girls played on the computer. Then I heard this high pitched squeek. First I thought it must be the girls game. I was tired and just thought it's an annoying sound. Squeek again. Mhh, sounds a lot like a bat... but way too loud. Squeek!!! Ok, I had to check it out, it was bugging me. Crawled out of bed, stepped out of my room and what did I see???

My two cats looking at me all proud and there on the floor in front of them A BAT!!! Alive and squeeking!!!!! I screamed "BRIAN, GET HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!". He's a man of action. I tell you I'm so happy to have him. He grabbed the next best thing (which was his robe) and tossed it over the bat. I ran to fetch a box. Brain put the bat in the box and I taped it (with a lot of tape... a lot).

You're probably wondering what the girls did. To my surprise they just sat on the computer chair, less than 10 feet away from the bat, and watched. No screaming at all. Wow.

We are not totally new at this. We've been dealing with bats living under our roof tiles and twice before we had one in our house. I know the routine and it's never fun. Bats are know to carry rabies and any bat found should be tested. Usually a healthy bat is really hard to catch.

But I think I have a theory. I watched them fly out of our neighbors house yesterday night. They swoop out and fly downward first... then there's the backwall of our house and several of them had to pull up hard to get by it. So I'm thinking one of them must have smacked into our house, fallen down to the ground and my cats snatched him up. I hope that's it.

Ok, moving on with my story. Saturday morning I called up our vet to check if my cats are up-to-date on their rabies shot. And dang it, one is the other not. I feel so guilty. I remember getting a reminder card in the mail last summer, but then life got busy and I forgot. So our poor Duchess was not protected.

I had to call the Humane Society and they came to pick up the bat. The girls got a thrill out of this, because they love to watch Animal Cops and here we had one standing in front of our door.

Now we are waiting to hear from Rabies Control. Please, cross your fingers!! Let it be a healthy bat!! Otherwise our Duchess will have to go to the shelter to be observed and get treatment :-(.

Just look at her sweet face? Could she catch a bat? For once I hope it was Max... even though he's know to bring in paper towels & leaves. And yes, she's the one bringing in mice, frogs & dragonflies. Ugh.

On a happier note, the weather is so lovely. It's warm enough to wear flip-flops.

And to make mud pies.

To finish up this long post another picture of my Grace. I love this picture and can't tell you why. That happens to me often, I can't explain it in words, it's just a feeling I get when I look at a picture.


  1. Monika,
    I just found your blog. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more pics of your cuties!

  2. Keep us updated on the rabies situation. Did I mention EEEWWWWW????!!!!!!?????

  3. I do NOT let bats.
    EEEWWWWWW. Yuck!

    I hope your kitty is fine.

  4. The bats made me forget what I wanted to say about the last picture...

    I don't know why you love this picture, but I know why I love it! It makes me feel. Makes me wonder what she's thinking about... What is she looking at? It takes to me a moment in time. This picture shares in an intimate way, a little piece of what Grace was like. When Grace is older you will look at this photograph and remember the moments you looked down and saw just this... her red hair in her face, her eyelashes on her creamy round check and just a hint of a smirk.
    It makes me happy.

    Mary Rose just walked by and said,
    "Awww... My Grace... I love her."
    And walked off.

    You have a gift Monika.