Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art Night

Art night at the girl's school is a special event. We love it, we really do! Let me show you how the evening went...

I didn't get many pictures of their faces, because this is what they looked like 90% of the time.

So what did I take pictures of? Their busy hands and stinkin' cute feet :-D!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


We finally heard from Rabies Control!! All is well, test came back negative. Our Duchess sure missed all our cuddles, but the girls gave her extra attention tonight. I'm soooo glad and relieved!!

Here's some sister love for you all.
And a better picture of Grace's gap. The creepy red gum piece is gone.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Missing my peeps

You know what happens when you make a photoalbum... you think back to old times, good or bad, you sit there way too long and remember people & adventures. In the end the album didn't get done, because you spent too much time daydreaming. Well, maybe not everybody is like that... but I sure am. Luckily the album got done, because I did it all online (check out thanks, Sharon, for telling me about it). I made a Switzerland album yesterday night and now I'm missing my people :-(.

First off, my lovely Mom. She's the rock in my life, always calm and full of good advice.My Papi. He's camera shy and even in this picture he's probably waving at me to wait with the picture until he's out of the way. He's a total macho man with a soft heart.
My auntie Heidi and all the cousins. We always have so much fun together.

My friend Caro. She's like a sister to me. We've been friends for a long, long time. Almost 29 years... wow, that's long. She's tough, honest and just plain funny.
My lost-and-found friend Peter. We were friends in our teens, then lost touch and found each other again about five years ago. He listens to my odd thoughts and doesn't ever think I'm crazy. We can talk for hours, seriously. Sadly we're not very good at keeping in touch, but once I'm in Switzerland, he's one of the first people I call.
I have a heavy heart today. I miss my peeps. I do.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boohoo! She lost her front tooth!

I'm sad. My baby lost her front tooth tonight. She'll never have that little girl smile again... another milestone. Done. Over with.


Check out her gap. I've never seen one like it before. It's almost like her gums were inside the tooth and now there's a piece of gum shaped in a tooth hanging there. Creepy!

Looking at this picture, I can't help but smile. She looks so happy and proud showing off her baby tooth.

Grace is so different from Erina.

Erina always left her teeth hanging there as long as possible. She didn't want to touch them. AND she always cried a lot when they finally fell out.

Grace on the other hand wiggled the heck out of this one. Then today after bath, she noticed that it was getting seperated from her gums. So she just stared at herself in the mirror, grabbed the tooth and pulled it out. No tears, just a "Here you go, mom. I got it out.".

She's a tough one, that's for sure!

Bat Alert

Friday night Brian & I were laying in bed, watching tv, while the girls played on the computer. Then I heard this high pitched squeek. First I thought it must be the girls game. I was tired and just thought it's an annoying sound. Squeek again. Mhh, sounds a lot like a bat... but way too loud. Squeek!!! Ok, I had to check it out, it was bugging me. Crawled out of bed, stepped out of my room and what did I see???

My two cats looking at me all proud and there on the floor in front of them A BAT!!! Alive and squeeking!!!!! I screamed "BRIAN, GET HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!". He's a man of action. I tell you I'm so happy to have him. He grabbed the next best thing (which was his robe) and tossed it over the bat. I ran to fetch a box. Brain put the bat in the box and I taped it (with a lot of tape... a lot).

You're probably wondering what the girls did. To my surprise they just sat on the computer chair, less than 10 feet away from the bat, and watched. No screaming at all. Wow.

We are not totally new at this. We've been dealing with bats living under our roof tiles and twice before we had one in our house. I know the routine and it's never fun. Bats are know to carry rabies and any bat found should be tested. Usually a healthy bat is really hard to catch.

But I think I have a theory. I watched them fly out of our neighbors house yesterday night. They swoop out and fly downward first... then there's the backwall of our house and several of them had to pull up hard to get by it. So I'm thinking one of them must have smacked into our house, fallen down to the ground and my cats snatched him up. I hope that's it.

Ok, moving on with my story. Saturday morning I called up our vet to check if my cats are up-to-date on their rabies shot. And dang it, one is the other not. I feel so guilty. I remember getting a reminder card in the mail last summer, but then life got busy and I forgot. So our poor Duchess was not protected.

I had to call the Humane Society and they came to pick up the bat. The girls got a thrill out of this, because they love to watch Animal Cops and here we had one standing in front of our door.

Now we are waiting to hear from Rabies Control. Please, cross your fingers!! Let it be a healthy bat!! Otherwise our Duchess will have to go to the shelter to be observed and get treatment :-(.

Just look at her sweet face? Could she catch a bat? For once I hope it was Max... even though he's know to bring in paper towels & leaves. And yes, she's the one bringing in mice, frogs & dragonflies. Ugh.

On a happier note, the weather is so lovely. It's warm enough to wear flip-flops.

And to make mud pies.

To finish up this long post another picture of my Grace. I love this picture and can't tell you why. That happens to me often, I can't explain it in words, it's just a feeling I get when I look at a picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Matilda Jane... again

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and I felt the urge to take pictures. I had to come up with an idea to get the girls into it... so I went through Grace's closet, fondling all her lovely Matila Jane outfits, and pulled a set out that she's almost outgrown. Then I put my best pouty face on, begged her to wear it one more time AND please, please,please go out for a photo session with me... yes, I do these silly things (hey, it's for the love of fashion and photography)! To my surprise it worked and she agreed :-).

So we headed downtown and I snapped away. I never realized how many wonderful backdrops we have in our small downtown!
My Erina has a mind of her own. She didn't want to get dressed up and was not in a picture mood. I don't push it with her, she doesn't fall for the mommy pout either, lol. But low and behold, she asked to have her picture taken. YAY! I think with her I just have to wait until she asks... it has to be on her terms.
Wild thing!
I love this picture... I can just feel the joy of a good twirl.
I like this one too... Grace thinks she's sneaking up on Erina. A sweet one.
Then Erina moved in for a double pole hug :-).
More twirling. I messed around with the saturation, I kind of like the way it looks muted. I'm itching to get a photoshop program, but I'm unsure which one and I heard they are not easy to use. Any opinions are appreciated ;-).
Then it was time to go home... they were nice and tired... and glad that I got them out of the house!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Girls Night Out

Today we enjoyed a girls night out in Alameda with Lilly (my darling niece).

First we did a little shopping at my old favorite consignment store. Well, I should say I did a little shopping while the girls played house in the cute little playroom. I love coming to this store, it always brings back memories, since this was the place where I bought most of Erinas baby clothes. I was being good though and only walked out with one denim vest for Miss G.

We stopped at Starbucks for some refreshments and a much needed potty break :-). Then we just strolled up and down Park Street, checked out some random stores and found this total gem of a gift store called "3 Wishes". I've walked past this store so many times and never gave it a second glance. Erina was the one who wanted to go inside and sure enough it was her kind of store... she had a blast browsing through all the sketchbooks and art supplies. Oh, and reading lots of cards! She loves doing that!

Grace & Lilly were entertained too... see the red thing that they are spinning around?
Grace said it was hypnotizing her... sure looks like it, he?
Just a cute picture to admire Grace's darling Matilda Jane outfit... it's so simple and still different... and just so Grace!
Grace was reading some funny cards to Lilly. I totally love watching these two cousins together, they are just so sweet!! Ah, the lollipop tongues!! Lilly definately wins first price :-D.
Erina ended up buying a neat sketchbook/journal with some of her Christmas money. I can never say no to something creative! I might actually have to go back and get a few for birthday presents... yep, that's how much I like it.
And to finish up the post, a funky shot of Erina and myself...

Friday, January 2, 2009

The girls view...

I mentioned before that I gave my little camera to the girls when I got my baby. Well, they took a lot of pictures and movies over the last few months and I finally downloaded it all a couple weeks ago. I think it's interesting to see the world through kids eyes. Todays tasting is all from our Maui trip :-).

Ok, be prepared to laugh. Or maybe not. Who knows, maybe I'm the only one who thinks this video is hilarious. Watch it and then I'll tell you what made me laugh out loud (remember to turn the music off first... scroll to the bottom of the page, thanks).

1. Ken has a diamond shaped gem on his chest... he's the coolest dude... ever :-D
2. Grace is talking into the fan
3. Erina starting to sing a hula hula song
4. Brian telling Grace to hold the Barbie still... that's where I totally lost it, like he cares if poor Barbie's picture turns out blurry!!! :-D :-D
5. Just the entire idea of a Barbie family commercial

Check out his gem!!!!!

On to Panda and Bear-Bear. My kids always travel with a companion, always. Grace has so many favorites and she gives them turns... if I remember right, this was Panda's very first vacation and he was a little scared to fly. Erina, my loyal one, has taken Bear-Bear all around the world with us (she got him when she was about 6 months old and never goes on vacation without him).

Here they are at school, learning how to write a letter :-).

Rare picture of Brian and I... on our balcony, watching the girls play.

Bear-Bear doing an outdoor photo shoot.

Our sleepy child...

Random nature picture... I guess the odd looking roots were the point of interest.

Grace screaming her head off at the beach... and that's her new Webkinz bat Maguro... and no, she's not screaming because she's being attacked by a bat :-D.

At the airport waiting for our plane. Brian is pouting like a little kid :-).... ... and I'm reading, as usual. Oh, and notice the real life Barbie doll in the background, lol.

That's it for today!

And I almost forgot.... have a Happy New Year!!!!