Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is...

... what I feel like today:

Hear me screaming... "CHRISTMAS IS COMING TOO SOON!!!!". I have to bake cookies, make my famous Christmas bark, get a teacher present, finish shopping for my girls, visit Santa, mail out my cards, send out presents to far away folks, make a photo album for Brian and go to my kids school choir performance. Oh and never mind the regular stuff like laundry, grocery shopping and eating :-D!

Maybe I should growl at people like my little Grace did to me yesterday:

This is what I probably looked like at Dessa & Brett's wedding reception. I was a dancing fool... it was a great feeling, like back in the days. And I'm usually shy! You know what brings it out in me? Live music! Spencer's band totally rocks and they were so fabulous live.

This is how I strive to be... calm & cute as my Erina. Well, let's face it, I'll never be as cute... but I can work on calm, right?
Ok, gotta run... I smell my burnt toast! I suppose I failed on the eating part already... ah, what a great day it will be.

You think I have mood swings :-D? This post is so vastly different from my last one, isn't it? Oh well, a blog is supposed to be a glimps of my life!


  1. I am so right there with you! I snapped yesterday when the kids kept yelling, "8 more days till Christmas!! 7 More days till Christmas Eve!"

    "NO!!! I'm NOT READY!!!!!"

  2. I'm feeling the Christmas rush, too. I'm waaaaayyyy less prepared than I usually am by this time! Tidings of comfort and joy!!!!